Klaus Lang is an internationally acclaimed and published photographer. 


Recognizing his unique color sense, a leading European dye 

manufacturer used a series of his images in a key advertisement 

campaign: “Colors Show Life”, printed in the respected international 

yearbook “PhotoGRAPHIS” in 1979.


Mr. Lang’s published credits include:


Camera (Switzerland), Nova Fotografia (Italy), Tier- und 


Naturfotografie/Mein Schoener Garten (Germany),  Foto Zoom 


(Mexico),  Photo Canada/Photo Life/Ontario 


Naturalist/MacLean’s/Canadian Geographic (Canada), Photography 


Monthly/Digital Photography (Britain), La Fotografia Actual (Spain), 


multiple publications in Nature Photographer (USA).


Klaus Lang’s Bibliography


PhotoGRAPHIS 79 (Photographic Yearbook), Time-Life: Photographing 


Nature (USA), Canada with Love (Canada), These Things We Hold Dear 


(Kodak Book), Ontario, A Loving Look (Canada), Inspiration, Journey 


Through Nature (USA), Prince Edward County, Lake Ontario’s Isle, and 


My Toronto (Canada).


BLURB Books: Florida, Great Smoky Mountains, Iceland, Botswana, 


Sukhothai, New Zealand, Vietnam, Canyons and The High Desert, 


Autumn in the Canadian Rockies, Malaysia and Singapore, Malaysian 


Borneo, Varanasi Holy City on the Ganges, Memories of India, East 


Coast Images, Junkyard Beauties, Autumn Poetry on Colour, 


Yellowstone, Pulse of the Street, Nirvana in Nature, Spring, Chiang Mai 


and Northern Thailand, Unsurpassed California, Street Photography 


Toronto Chefchaouen, Morocco, The Medina; Life in La Libertad; Life in 




His prints are part of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary 


Photography in Ottawa, Canada


    Klaus Lang Photography