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Klaus Lang is an internationally acclaimed and published photographer.

Recognizing his unique color sense, a leading European dye manufacturer used a series of his images in a key advertisement campaign: "Colors Show Life", printed in the respected international
yearbook "PhotoGRAPHIS" in 1979.

Mr. Lang's published credits include:


Mr. Lang's published credits include:

Camera (Switzerland)

Nova Fotografia (Italy)

Tier- und Naturfotografie (Germany)

Foto Zoom (Mexico)

Photo Canada (Canada)

Photo Life (Canada)

Ontario Naturalist (Canada)

McLean’s (Canada)

Canadian Geographic (Canada)

Photography Monthly (Britain)

Digital Photography (Britain)

La Fotografia Actual (Spain)

Nature Photographer (USA)

Time-Life book: Photographing Nature (USA)

Ontario, A Loving Look (Canada)

Canada with Love (Canada)

Canada, These Things We Hold Dear (by Kodak Canada)

In 2010 Klaus Lang published his book: My Toronto. For his books published through BLURB please see “Books”.

In addition, Klaus Lang has had numerous exhibitions in galleries in Canada and the United States.
Recently his images were included in the “100 Wonders of the World” exhibition in the Art Center in St.
Petersburg, Russia. He was among the winners in the photo competition by the Blank Wall Gallery,
Athens, Greece in the categories: landscape/portrait/abandoned buildings/cityscape, and fine art.

Mr. Lang’s prints form part of the collection of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography/Art
Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Major clients include Ely Lily, The Government of Ontario, Gebr. Schmidt of
Germany and United Technologies.

Mr. Lang isolates areas in time and space, yet his work does not just show reality in a certain place at a
certain time. Rather, he is able to crystallize the subject matter into images and symbols with their own
lives and artistic tensions. Lang’s images extend beyond the visibly recordable and transcend the
intrinsic meaning of the object photographed. There is a feeling of infinity, depth and timelessness
about his photographs.

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